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Ifootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1

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Package Includes:
1 x Reinforcement Ring
1 x Head Machine
1 x Hand Holder
1 x Connecting Screw
1 x Products Certification
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual


Ifootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1

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iFootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1 are made of aluminum and durable harden plastics, to bring lightweight and ergonomic design. Hummingbird eGimbal G1 is the smallest and lightest GoPro stabilizer brought to you by Gear Contact and weighs only 155g (not including battery.) 















Camera tilting

iFootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1 has an unique camera tilting function controlled by a thumb stick. It is very easy to operate whilst tilting your GoPro camera up and down smoothly. The carefully designed form factor makes it fully integrated to all the other GoPro accessories. 













Electronic stabilisation

iFootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1’s electronic stabiliser can quickly re-balance the GoPro camera making the footage more stable therefore there is no need worry about bumpy floor while shooting.















iFootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1 uses the same battery as GoPro camera, this avoids buying different format batteries which are not compatible with other devices.














iFootage Hummingbird eGimbal G1 fits perfectly with all GoPro accessories, such as Helmet Front Mount, Chest Mount, Head Strap and Quickclip etc. and is very versatile.













User can get the most updated firmware and improve the Hummingbird G1 performance from time to time. Simply download and place the firmware to the device root folder and it will be automatically update it for you.