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iFootage Mini Crane M1-III Bundle

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Package Includes:
1 X Mini Crane M1-III
1 X Bag 
1 X Strap
1 X M1 quick release plate
1 X Motion X2 Quick release plate
2 X Counterweight clamp 
1 X Hook
1 X Fixing screw
1 X 2.5#Hex keys
1 x Locking knob
1 x Low Profile Quick Release Adapter
1 X Tripod 
1 X Bag 
1 X Ground spreader 
1 X 755mm bowl 
1 X Instruction Manual



iFootage Mini Crane M1-III Bundle


       iFootage T5 Tripod                                     iFootage T7 Tripod                        iFootage Mini Crane M1-III






Built-in quality and strength

The M1 III crane boasts incredible structural innovation. Made of 20-layer high impact carbon fibre, the square tube removes the shake and any subsequent damage that a round tube can cause, so your crane will be by your side for a long time.

Beautifully designed with a sleek black finish, the M1 III was created using precise CNC machine cutting technology for unprecedented support and durability. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and can take a heavy load whilst remaining highly stable.










Flexible mounting options


The M1 III is wonderfully versatile. Mount a camera on it, in standard or low profile mode, or install your Motion X2 system directly on the crane to create a complete motorised system and shoot those interesting angles with ease.








Damping function


The newly added damping function enables you to adjust the tightness for up and down tilt. For smoother pan action, friction control is also included in the base.







Leading the way in user friendly design


Designed to support a maximum of 40kg and 45kg respectively, the tripod works with any camera on the market. Fully extended, it reaches a maximum height of 1.50m. The ergonomic design makes it incredibly easy to handle and transport, giving you full control. The T series versatility is shown by the range of models that could fit any situation. T5 and T7 are extremely good for portability, while T1 and T3 handles the extra load if needed.







Quick release


T- series quick release plate design, allows lock and release of the tripod with just one hand. Locking speed is three times faster than traditional lock design. It has a flat bowl edge switch; T1/T3 is compatible with 100m/75m Bowl and T5/t7 with 75mm Bowl.