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iFootage AquaDrop

iFootage AquaDrop
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Package Includes:

1 x Main Section
1 x Rear Section
1 x Hand Grip
1 x Hook
2 x Hex Keys
1 x Bag
1 x 3/8 Screw Adapter







Have you ever added extra gear on your rig and wished you had more counterweights but left them at home because it was heavy?


Aquadrop is the answer and although it may look simple, but made of durable material and using the latest seam sealing technology, we were still able to get the same design principles as the M1 (mobile, lightweight and durable) reducing size and weight in your kit bags, allowing you to become more mobile and really, why carry that extra weight?












How would this help you?

By being as light as a your cup of takeout coffee packed into something not that much bigger than a regular mouse pad. Just filling this with water will transform into your counterweight quicker than you know it!

















With our tight sealing cap with double O-ring design, extra thick seam sealing and ultra durable coated material, you're sure to be able to shoot with confidence and walk away without carrying extra baggage, literally!