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iFootage WildCat

iFootage WildCat
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Bag Main section,
Counterweight Quick release,
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iFootage WildCat



Have you ever used stabilizers? If you have, you will know shooting hand held with one will only give your arms only a few minutes of shooting time and maybe 10mins at max if your stamina is higher, some of those out there are just too cumbersome! We're photo/video enthusiasts at GearContact too and the smaller stabilizers just won't do, they are either not stable enough or just too heavy, so we took it to our own design team to see what we can do.

iFootage WildCat





Made with the casual and professional shooters in mind that wish to stay mobile and carry lighter gear, we wanted something in a small package that can withstand a slightly heavier load for your typical run-and-gun setup.










We ended up with something that weighs less than 500grammes (without counterweights) that can withstand a 2Kg load. It can also fit into a small fanny pack that comes with your purchase of the wildcat, tool-less setup within minutes from unboxing.







Featuring a fully adjustable 2axis quick release platform to fine tune your rig's CG point along with our calibrated mount base and plate scales, you're sure to be able to return to how you were previously setup in a quicker time repeatedly and accurately.



It does not just stop here, having used other stabilizers we found muscle fatigue also came with the angle of your grip and to aid the ergonomics, we also allowed our handle to be fully adjustable allowing you to shoot longer with less muscle fatigue.







Sometimes you shoot with a light but sometimes with a mic? Doesn't matter, with precise calibrated markings on the main stem, you're sure to be able to quickly return to your previous setup point with ease with the help of our quick release locking nut to help you adjust to your desired length to counterweight your rig without changing a single counterweight.








We understand there are so many ways you can customize your rig and also where you put your gadgets on whether it's your monitor, microphone or an external battery pack, so we gave the counterweight system 3 different points to help you get that perfect balance and it also doubles up to be a stable platform if you wish to lay your equipment down.


The wildcat package includes three sets of weights, each group includes a 148g, 47g and 35g weight, should you wish to purchase additional counterweights for rigs over 2KG, this is possible.


The wildcat also features a unique iFootage design with a quick deployment locking mechanism where a quick hand twist on the locking knob to release the red plate will free the counterweights and reversing the action will quickly lock the counterweights into place. With practice you'll be able to get this deployed within a minute! Now THAT'S a quick setup time!